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Year 4

Working from Home!

Sadly we are back working from home, but with a week and a bit of school left we still have some work to do - so lets keep on.


We will meet at 9.30 on Teams as we did before and all your work will be on the assignments.

Monday  - I have put PE , Pobble, some Maths and instructions about how to start your Topic Fact file for a country in Africa.


Don't forget - TTRS, Bug Club and Purple Mash. 


Parents evenings will go ahead as planned 


Hope every body is well and that you all Keep Safe


Miss Murphy

Learning From Home - July 2021 


Spellings /Sentences

LSCWC each day’s words then write a sentence for each word. Make sure your sentences have the right punctuation and try to make some of them really interesting using expanded noun phrases or fronted adverbials

English Comprehension

Watch/Read the rest of Butterfly Lion (158) Mrs Lytle reading The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo - YouTube

Then answer the comprehension questions after each chapter  - See file

 Starting from Chapter 9 All’s Well ( Around 35 mins)  - If you have time you might want to start from the beginning

Tuesday Chapter 9 35 mins to 42 mins

Wednesday Chapter 10 42mins – 49 mins

Thursday Chapter 11 49 mins – 55 mins

Friday Chapter 12 55 mins- 1 hr 1 min

Monday Chapter 13 1 hr to 1.05 – we will finish this in school Tuesday

Pobble  2 pobbles for Wed and Friday  - See Files

Grammar – activities on Purple Mash


A video for  each day’s learning – .





Topic  - Research and create a fact file about a country in Africa – Examples on Purple mash

Spanish  - Use the activities on Purple Mash to practice the classroom words we have learnt.

IT – Learning activity on Purple Mash

Art – try and find out sone more about Batik – Also pattern activity on Purple Mash

Music  - Can you sing the song to someone at home –  Your login details are in your onenote file

PE  Try these – or make sure you get some exercise every day.


(158) Unicorn and Puppy Yoga: Saturday Morning Yoga | Cosmic Kids - YouTube


(158) Kids workout 1 Beginners - YouTube



Sports Day – I will try to figure something out – Watch this space!

Welcome to Year 4 


The Year 4 Team

Miss J Murphy - Class Teacher


Mrs Fellows - LSA

Ms Karim - LSA

Mrs Miller - LSA

Mrs Tarrant  - LSA

Spring 2

It is great to be back and we have been so busy.  We are still working on our Egyptian topic work. We are becoming fractions experts and in Literacy we have been looking at emotions and well being with our work on Felix after the rain. We have also got back to our Daily mile and we reached BRAZIL!  See the map.