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Year 1

Mrs Claire Stannard
Year 1 Teacher


Mrs Lee Wooding
Learning Support Assistant


Miss Katie McCarthy
Learning Suppport Assistant


Welcome to Class 1’s page


Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a lovely Christmas despite last minute restrictions.

As you already know, due to the rates of Covid 19, our school will be closed to most children over the next two weeks.  You will be able to pick up a work pack for your child to complete during this time, on Wednesday afternoon. This work be exactly the same as the work I’ll be completing in class with the key worker children. It is set out each day following our timetable.

The amount of work covered each day will depend upon the ability of your child and how they (and you) are feeling. If time is an issue then please focus on listening to your child read each day, completing the phonics task and the maths work. The pack I’ve provided is meant to help, not stress you out and I’ve included more work rather than not enough.

If you do not finish it all, it does not matter!

Work for this Tuesday and Wednesday will be posted on this page.

I will be in school every day, teaching the year 1 key worker children so if you do have any concerns please e-mail the office and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Claire Stannard

Tuesday 5th January 2021


If your child was in school on the last day of term, then these will be in your child’s homework book. Please use look, cover, write, check method and remind your child to use a pencil and their best handwriting. If you have not got your child’s homework, then this can be collected when you pick up your pack on Wednesday afternoon. The spellings for this week are:

football                                        pancake

playground                                    rainbow

farmyard                                      springtime

bedroom                                       eyebrow

blackberry                                    suitcase


Please practise the following phonemes (sounds!) with your child:

ee as in three                igh as in night                      y as in dry

ea as in peach                ie as in pie


English (linked to our space topic)

Pack your bags – we’re off into space! What 6 special items would you pack to take into space with you? (Your basic food and water are already in the rocket!)

My example list – photographs / notebook / pencil / chocolate / teddy / favourite book.

Draw and label your items.

Look at the spelling ‘because’ This little rhyme can help with the spelling - big elephants can always understand small elephants.

Write a sentence explaining why you choose each item to take into space with you. Use the word ‘because’ in at least one sentence.

For example: I will take my teddy bear into space because he helps me to go to sleep.


For today, just focus on a quick recap of the skills the children have learnt so far. Nothing needs to be written down. Counting forwards and backwards to at least 50 / one more and one less to numbers within 20 / adding and subtracting numbers within 10. When you pick up your packs, worksheets will be provided for each day – taken from White Rose Maths. If your child wishes to, they can start completing some of the maths homework sheets today.

History (space topic)

Can you find out about Yuri Gagarin in a space book or on the internet? Draw a picture of him and write one or two sentences explaining why he is famous.


The key worker children will be completing some dance work based on our topic of space during this time. If you want to do the same, google ‘Boogie Beebies Space Walking’  and you will find a YouTube video showing a space dance that we will be practising at school.

Wednesday 6th January


Please practise your weekly spellings.


How is the long ‘e’ sound made in the following words?

mean                   steal

creepy                 cream

sneak                   trees

squeak                 creak

Please practise reading and spelling these words with your child. I’ve included a ‘long e’ worksheet in the pack to complete later today if you wish.


Practise writing the tricky words ‘said’, ‘have’ and ‘like’


What do you want to find out about on your trip into space?

Write questions using a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence and a question mark at the end.

For example – Is the moon made of cheese? Are there Martians on Mars? What is on the dark side of the moon? Is there any water on Saturn? You could draw pictures to illustrate your questions when you’ve finished.


See worksheets (these will be in your pack which you can collect this afternoon)


If possible, use a paint program on your computer to make a title page for our space project. If you do not have access to a computer, please make a space picture for your topic book. It could have planets, stars, moons, rockets or aliens on it!


We are looking at materials this term in science. Please collect items around your house and record their properties in the table provided in your pack.

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