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  • Confidence
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The book of the month is:

It is our intention when teaching the English curriculum that our pupils acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to become lifelong learners and linguists. We strive to ensure that all our pupils receive a well-rounded learning experience when reading, writing, speaking and listening which will equip them with the fundamental tools to achieve in KHCPS and beyond. It is our intention to immerse pupils in the wonders of quality texts to instil a love for reading, a passion for discovery and a confidence to explore their imagination through our Book-Led curriculum.


English is a core subject of the National Curriculum and a prerequisite for educational and social progress as it underpins the work undertaken in all areas of the curriculum. The acquisition of language skills is of the upmost importance to us here at Kelvedon Hatch and therefore the teaching of all aspects of English are given a high priority within school. Confidence in basic language skills enables children to communicate creatively and imaginatively, preparing them for their future journey through education and beyond.


Our intentions: 

  • Our aim is to ensure that every child becomes a reader, a writer and confident speaker by the time they leave Kelvedon Hatch Community Primary School.

  • To promote and instil a love for reading, writing and high-quality literature into pupils at all ages.

  • To derive an English curriculum which develops the acquisition of knowledge and skills. 

English is taught through all subjects.  Daily focused lessons are also taught that enable children to learn how to analyse and construct texts; learn about grammar and practise using grammatical structures; and learn spelling rules and patterns. At Kelvedon Hatch, we believe quality texts are key to grabbing children’s attention and enjoyment and inspiring them to create their own brilliant pieces of writing!


Some days begin with creative writing in response to artwork that is displayed on the interactive whiteboard.  The children have the freedom to write a story, or part of a story, inspired by the picture.  They are prompted to use previously taught skills and spellings; this time is for children to experiment with ideas and really enjoy writing.


Reading is paramount for learning and at Kelvedon Hatch we place huge importance on phonics and early reading and provide extra support to enable every child to become a successful reader through ks1 and 2. We have reading books that match Bug Club Phonics to support children’s reading at home. 

We are working on our school library and with other help of our amazing PTA, hope to have it looking more ship-shape with colour coded sections for each subject. Mrs Miller has also been busy painting murals on the walls to make it more inviting!


We have introduced Poetry Thursday. This means that every class will have the chance to enjoy poetry at some point during the day. Already the children have enjoyed nonsense poems, haiku and rhyming poetry.

Author Visit

World Book Day 2022


To celebrate World book Day, pupils dressed up as their favourite book characters. Teachers swapped classes and shared their favourite stories and we had a book sale at the end of the day which has helped to raise funds to re-stock our library. The children were also invited to take part in a competition to design your own superhero teacher and on 23rd March we are having a hilarious author visit - what a lot of fun!

Our Super Teacher Competition winners: Maddie (year 2) Ruby (Reception) and David (year 6)

An amazing well done to Maddie Crooks for winning the competition and £750 in book vouchers for our school!

World Book Day 2022

Dressing up as a book character

Egg discovery

We found some giant, mystery eggs in our garden. Whose were they?  Where had they come from? What were they? We set off on a journey of discovery through the week to find out!

Year 6 readers

This report below explains the importance of learning to read to enable children to read to learn.  Reading fiction is key to developing skills of empathy and imagination; reading non-fiction is crucial to developing deeper academic understanding - key to social mobility.